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Steven Rhodes - Let's Sacrifice Toby - Girlshirt

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€19,99 - €24,99
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Farbe: Schwarz
Größe: S
Paketankunft voraussichtlich zwischen 28.09.2023 - 30.09.2023
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Artikelnummer STE-0005GB-S

Steven Rhodes - Let's Sacrifice Toby - Girlshirt

"Please accept this offering, oh dark lords of school holidays!"

  • offiziell lizenziertes Merchandise
  • Material: schwarz, weiß: 100% Baumwolle, grau: 90% Baumwolle, 10% Viskose, anthrazit: 60% Baumwolle 40% Polyester
  • Single Jersey
  • Rippbündchen am Halsausschnitt
  • Doppelnähte am Saum 
  • langer Schnitt
  • verkürzte Ärmel
  • Artwork im Vintage-Look

Das Girlshirt zeigt zwei Kinder, die ein anderes Kind namens Toby opfern wollen und den Text "Let's Sacrifice Toby".

Dieser Artikel wurde in einer FAMA zertifizierten Fabrik hergestellt. FAMA steht für "Facility and Merchandise Authorization" und garantiert einen hohen Produktionsstandard.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Meyer M

These "Let's sacrifice Toby" shirts are awful. There will be kids who are inspired by it to kill other kids. It should never be sold or worn.

We had a case a few years ago of a 4 year old abducted in a shopping centre in the UK who was subsequently killed for the thrill of it.

These shirts will encourage more of that. They are evil. Shame on whoever designed them and on who approved them for sale.


Lena B.
Looks good, but …

The shirts look fine, quality seems good. The prints are very beautiful and have great, bright colors.
But: They are huge. I usually wear a size M and two of me could fit into these. Also the prints are much larger than on the picture, they cover the whole front of the shirt. I can't even tuck them into my pants without hiding half of the image. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but I think it's good to know.
I'll have to return them and order a smaller size.

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